A Design Heritage

Both of Miranda’s parents are British, and a talent for design runs in the family. Miranda’s grandfather is the famous architect Arthur Joseph Davis, who at a young age designed The Ritz Hotel in London, from the exterior down to the doorknobs, the interiors of legendary ocean liners including The Aquitania and The Queen Mary, and the Royal Automobile Club at No. 1 Aldwich.

In 1981, Charles Shackleton immigrated to the United States from Ireland with a mission to create a small company designing functional objects for the home. These inanimate objects not only emphasized the functional, but more importantly emphasized the strength and quality of the human spirit. In a world where technology has all but taken over, Charles felt that there would be increasing demand for objects that people could place in their home that had “Soul” or a meaning beyond just the visual.

Shackleton firmly believes that the intrinsic value of the furniture lies in the fact that each piece is made from start to finish by one individual and because each piece involves a huge contribution of the imperfect but highly skilled human hand. Despite the reliance on each person’s individuality, the company works as one coherent team, to design, make, and market this very unusual but very beautiful functional art for the home. While other stifling factories churn out identical but somewhat lifeless objects at half the price, ShackletonThomas relies on the beauty and strength of the human spirit to create objects that are designed to inspire and become statements of their owner's high aspirations.