Pottery Inspirations

Pottery Patterns and Symbolism

These decorative patterns, each with their own meaning, are usually the main characters or motifs adorning our pieces. 


The Tree of Life

The tree of life—constantly dividing, leafing out and blooming—is, since ancient times, a symbol of growth and enrichment in life.

The Rabbit

The rabbit is a symbol of providence, optimism, immortality, and fertility. The rabbit is thought of as cunning and able to escape bad luck.

The Peony

The peony—with its beautiful cup shape and intoxicating scent—has long been coveted throughout gardening history. It is considered a symbol of beauty itself and brings promise to love, marriage, and fertility.

The Bird

Birds are a symbol of marriage and have always been the harbingers of new life. They carry and spread seeds and fruits and their songs fill the air with hope.

Foliage and Leaf Scroll

The leaf scroll, or foliage—like the tree of life—is a symbol of life itself. Constantly dividing and unfurling, the line carries one forward through time and space into infinity.

Teeming Fish

Fish have a strong symbolic history in both eastern and western cultures. They represent good fortune, prosperity and abundance.