Upholstered Furniture Specifications

Our upholstered pieces are made with all natural materials whenever possible. Slip seats for the Upholstered Side and Arm Chairs are made of jute webbing, covered by a layer of heavy burlap, horsehair, then all-cotton padding covered with heavy muslin to hold the padding in place. When finishing the seat, the upholsterer should apply an additional 1" layer of Dacron® padding.

The Sophia's, Pomfret and Anna Liffey Chair seats are constructed of 8-way hand tied coil springs covered with burlap, horsehair, all-cotton padding, muslin and Dacron® under the fabric. The outer pieces of fabric are hand stitched to complete the chair.

The Sleigh Chair and Sofa fronts, as well as the back legs, are made from the wood of your choice. The interior frame is made of maple for additional strength; all joints are pegged. The seat cushion is made of 70% feather down blend with a 30% Hollofill® of fiberfill for support as well as comfort.

Our upholstered furniture will provide firm support as well as lasting comfort for years to come, needing at most a replacement layer of cotton when it is time to reupholster.