The Shackleton Connection

"Optimism is true moral courage"

- Ernest Shackleton


In 1916, Sir Ernest Shackleton, famous Antarctic explorer and cousin of Charles Shackleton, set out on an expedition that, on its surface, failed to achieve any of its stated goals, but in other ways achieved the most incredible success in demonstrating the strength of the human spirit. This story — actually about three dramatic adventure stories rolled into one, where all his 28 men survive all three dramas — has become an icon for modern times.

Charles Shackleton has himself been to the Antarctic and his brother, Jonathan, is one of the leading authorities on their ancestor. Sir Ernest Shackleton died at the young age of 47 in 1922. He left a legacy that has now become the “Gold Standard” of leadership qualities, which emphasizes the importance of looking after and understanding your people as much as the material matters at hand. ShackletonThomas produces objects whose primary purpose is exactly that.

"By endurance we conquer"

- Shackleton Family Motto

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