The Pottery Studio

Our pottery designs are interpretations of ceramics traditions around the world, with a sensibility to organic design and intricate decoration. Miranda’s travels and training have taken her from Australia, to Italy, to the UK and beyond, and those influences serve as the base for many of her pottery designs and decorations. By mixing clays, colors, shapes, and symbols, we can achieve a variety of feelings in our pottery. What excites us most about using different clays and colors is the mixing of their associations, cultures, and histories. It is like blending countries and customs and creating a hybrid. As a result, our pottery reflects today’s international intertwining of peoples’ customs and pasts.

Our pots are handthrown or slab molded in the traditional manner, and decorated by the skilled hands of a master potter. Mastering our shapes and decorations can take years of training, and each piece is an original, as no two come out alike. There are variations in firings and decorating which we feel keep the pots evolving and alive. It is the combination of the way we make, decorate, glaze, and fire our pottery that gives each piece its unique beauty. The end result is a work of art, that is at the same time functional—dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe, with the exception of porcelain, which we do not recommend using in the oven.