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      This fascinating and alluring method of treating wood is actually more practical than just its unusual, attractive and primeval  look.

      “Yaki” means burnt or charred, and Sugi is the type of tree, Sugi Cypress (Cryptomeria japonica) that was traditionally used in rural Japan.

      The process was developed in Japan in the 1700’s but has become increasingly rare until it became fashionable with modern architects in the 2000’s.

      It was traditionally used for three reasons:

      1. Prevents decay (the process burns off the edible lignin-cellulose outer layer)
      2. Because it dries and seals the wood, the planks tend to be more stable
      3. More fire and weather retardant

      We use Eastern White Cedar for our Yakisugi furniture, which is locally available in Vermont and from the same family as Sugi (Cupressacea). 

      87" x 41" x 30"

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