Elliot's Chair of Enlightenment


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      Elliot Quick was our daughter Sophia’s great friend, roommate, dramaturge, actor, teacher and great inspiration to all our family (and many others). Elliot, Sophie and Miranda organized two performance artists’ summer retreats at our hilltop home in Vermont in 2014 and 2015 for approximately thirty talented young artists. Because these retreats need lots of chairs and tables, Elliot challenged Charlie to make a very plain simple chair that the performers could actually be involved in making (they did do the tables). Charlie worked very hard to create this chair for Elliot and his crew and had an unveiling at the final performance. However, Charlie went kind of nuts on this project. Here are the results. He has a lot more ideas and you probably do too. Do not hesitate to let Charlie know. Rest in Peace. Elliot Quick 2-19-2020
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