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      • This was the first chair that Charles designed when he created his original line of furniture in 1986. It was called the Upholstered Arm Chair to differentiate it from the only other chair, the Cottage Chairs, that has a woven seat.  This was the more refined of the two and was immediately successful.  With a style that suits both casual and formal settings, we have sold more of these than any of the other chairs.
      • After 35 years of being called "The Upholstered Chair", even though most other dining chairs are also upholstered, we have decided to finally bestow a proper name.  Lydia is a Shackleton family name, being both the name of Charlie's Great-Aunt, who was a botanical illustrator, as well as Charlie's younger sister.  Lydia also has these chairs around her table at home in Ireland. 
      • The softly carved features of the top back, upper legs, spokes and lower back all contribute to a sensuous look and feeling of comfort. When you sit in the chair, the body feels contained. Because all those features were carved using hand tools, the play of light on all the varying angles adds to the visual stimulus. The upholstered “slip” seat allows the customer to choose their own style of fabric and therefore change the look of the chair to their own taste.
      • 28 traditional pinned mortice and tenon joints
      • Hand-chamfered spokes
      • Hand-carved curls and arms
      • Slip seat made with hardwood frame, horsehair, cotton and Dacron®
      • Requires 3/4 yard of 54" wide fabric
      • Shown here in walnut
      • 25" W, 38" H, 16" Deep At Seat
  • Product Details

    • Variant: American Black Cherry
    • SKU: 017B-C
    • Product Type: Chair